Hiking in Turkey (Istanbul-Agva)

In the charming town of Ağva, one of Istanbul ‘s gems, magnificent trekking routes await walkers with breathtaking views of both the sea and the greenery. Well, since we moved Istanbul, we’ve heeded this call and went hiking in Ağva. Here are the hiking routes in Ağva that I walked, both the easy and the challenging ones. (Photos are mine.)

Kilimli Road:

In the center of Ağva, we cross over to a completely different environment from the center, where Koca Dere meets the sea. We cross to the other side with boats we pay a little bit for on the coast. A huge water bird greets us, but it flies away when we get closer.

As we head towards the cape, we climb up a rusty staircase towards the hill. There’s a lighthouse at the top.

After a short climb, we encounter magnificent views. Snow-white cliffs, huge rocks, and a view of the Black Sea.

The facility you see in the distance is Kilimli. This facility also has very beautiful views.

This road may be a bit difficult and dangerous for beginners. Using a baton and trekking shoes can be useful.

Hacıllı Waterfall:

You need to drive from the center of Ağva to the small village of Hacıllı, near Hacıllı Waterfall Camp area. This place is like Ağva’s version without the city and people. A lush green stream runs through the forest. The camp area is a couple of minutes uphill from the bridge after the narrow and winding roads. You can see campers picnicking here. And in my opinion, the view doesn’t fall short of Ağva’s extremely expensive hotels, and the good part is it’s completely free. Proceed along the stream for the route, and after a while, you’ll start progressing through the stones in the stream and soon reach the waterfalls.

I can say it’s moderate in difficulty. We walked with a baby kangaroo in a pouch.

Lovers’ Path: A romantic, short path along the Koca Dere, where everyone coming to Ağva should walk. People of all ages can walk comfortably.

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